Thursday, October 13, 2011


- Shampoo is a funny word. This poo is a sham!

- Don't ignore your laptop when it tells you its battery is running low, because it's not lying. If you don't immediately plug it in you will forget. And it will somehow still surprise you a few minutes later when it dies in the middle of whatever you're doing which isn't that important but now that you were so rudely interrupted IT WAS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT AND NOW I'M PISSED.
- Sometimes adjectives are tricksy and not only do they describe other words, they also describe themselves. They're like Mega-Adjectives. For example: whimsical. It's such a whimsical word! And my other favorite: sinister. Creepy, right?

- Do you ever picture famous people pooping? You should try it some time... it will cheer you up on a bad day. Start with Brad Pitt. (It's funny because he's attractive).

- Let's all start calling guy movies “dick flicks.”